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A couple of examples of the photo tinting I can do.
.:: Before & After ::.
Click for detail

This is a photo that I redid in sepia on the left... original scan on the right... I got rid of dust/scratches etc. The following link is the same pic but sepia and b/w next to each other so you can see the difference

Would you like your own photo done? Just email me with the link to your photo. It can be in color. After purchase just email me a link of the pic or the pic itself along with specifics as to what you'd like digitally tinted include as well. If you do not have your picture in digital format and would like to mail a copy of your photo to me let me know and we'll get that situated. These will come back to you in digital format, not paper. That way you can take it to have printed in the sizes you want/need. Email me first with any questions you may have! Thanks!

.:: Photo Enhancements ::.

Need to enhance your items... get the background cut out? Let me get that done for ya! :D Below you will see some examples of items that I have done for another customer. I can cut out the background and get it to stand out more! Add white background or black or any other color you'd like.  Thanks!